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What Are 5 Ways You Can Winterize Your Home?

What Are 5 Ways You Can Winterize Your Home?

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HVAC services are very complex and are one of the essential components of Ohio homes. Without these services, not only would the temperature within your home be uncomfortable, the air quality would suffer, too. In the winter months, it’s a good idea to keep a winterized checklist. This will provide homeowners with comfort and peace of mind throughout the winter season. As we get feedback and questions from our customers, our technicians at Lebanon Heating & Cooling decided to provide an itemized list of things that will help winterize your home each year.

  • Protect Windows From Heat Loss- It is easy to have a draft creep in your windows and insulating drapes. Heavy drapes can help you prevent heat loss through single-glazed windows. 
  • Check Your Fireplace- You will want to check the interior of the firebox. Look for cracks, gaps, or signs of wear or tear in the lining. The fireplace can be one of the most dangerous components in your house, so your safety is a must. 
  • Check Your Pipes- The worst thing any homeowner can experience is frozen pipes. As water sits in, it can freeze due to low temperatures and poor insulation. Shut off outdoor faucets for the winter, and be sure to check your plumbing right before it starts to get cold. 
  • Clean Your Gutters- When gutters fill with leaves, sticks, and other debris, it can cause clogging, resulting in water creeping under the roof and eventually into the foundation. So you want to be sure you clean your gutters at the very least annually. 
  • Check Your Roof- The first place to check regarding your roof, most homeowners think of looking outside first. However, it is best to look in your attic. Get a flashlight and look for beams of light coming through the top of the house or stains and streaks. If you see any, that could indicate a leaky roof. 

Now that you know how complex HVAC systems are, we hope this list is helpful for your family. Try performing these methods this year and pass this along to your neighbors. Doing so will keep everything running smoothly around the house. 

Are you wondering about any other tips for your home? 

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