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Heat Pump Installation & Replacement in Lebanon, OH

With heat pumps growing in popularity as an option for year-round heating and cooling in residential areas, we are proud to extend our Heat Pump Installation and Replacement Services throughout the Warren County area! Because heat pump systems can provide you with crisp, cool air during the hot months of summer and warm, heated air during the winter, they aren’t merely an alternative for the traditional gas or electric furnace, they can also replace a traditional AC system.

If you don’t have a heat pump, and you are considering one for your Warren County area home, be advised that heat pump installation involves replacing both your air conditioner and furnace. Depending on whether your residence uses electricity or natural gas for its heat source, getting a heat pump installed might be the right choice for you. If you’re ready for installation services, give the experts at Lebanon Heating & Cooling a call today!

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Top 4 Benefits of a Heat Pump Upgrade

Easier, More Effective Maintenance

New heat pump systems are designed to function at extremely high levels of efficiency. Provided you follow a regular maintenance routine after your upgrade, you will notice considerable decreases in your energy bills. Maintenance remains the key to enjoying the benefits of an upgraded heat pump, however. A well-maintained heat pump will consume 10-25% less energy than a neglected one.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The newer models of heat pumps are designed to be electric. If you’re taking steps to make your home eco-friendlier, then installing a new heating system could play a major role.

Energy Savings

Heat Pumps are a super cost-effective way to heat or cool your home. Heat pumps don’t generate heat like an air conditioner or heater. Instead, these systems move heat in or out of your home depending on your desired temperature. Even the most efficient heater or air conditioner can’t compete with the efficacy of a heat pump.

Improved Performance

The most prominent benefit of replacing a heat pump is simply that it will work better than your current one. You might have a pump that is on its way out and is not heating rooms properly or is just costing too much to run. Once a new one is installed, you will immediately feel the difference. It will work more efficiently, and it will be easier to use.

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We’re Your Local Amana Brand Dealer in Lebanon, OH

Lebanon Heating & Cooling is proud to be your local Authorized Amana Brand Dealer here in the Greater Cincinnati and Hamilton County Ohio area. We are honored to partner with a trusted name in the HVAC industry and look forward to selling and installing these high-quality home comfort systems at the most competitive prices in the local market with customer satisfaction guaranteed. Becoming an Authorized Amana Brand Dealer comes with the Amana Advantage. The Amana Advantage includes a variety of benefits we pass on to customers, such as amazing warranty coverage, HVAC finance options, maintenance programs, and more.

Heat Pump Installation in Lebanon, OH

Our Installations are Fast and Hassle-Free

We start by taking out your old heating equipment and disposing of it in an environmentally friendly manner. We’ll be neat and respectful upon entering your home. We’ll install a brand new system of your choice, and our technicians can help you pick the best one. Depending on your installation package, we’ll install added components, such as a thermostat, humidifier, dehumidifier, and UV light.

Lastly, we reconnect the ductwork, calibrate the controls, and run tests on the new system to guarantee everything is in prime working order. After we double-check every bit of our work, we’ll walk you through the installation, teaching you how to use the new system and making sure you’re satisfied with every detail and you completely understand how to operate it.

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HVAC Financing in Lebanon, OH

Buy Today, Pay Over Time

Our in-house HVAC credit options help you enjoy optimal comfort in your home now by making affordable monthly payments until it’s paid off over time. We have a long working history with several highly credible financial institutions that can approve your new HVAC unit and enable you to pay it off without excess interest.
HVAC Financing in Lebanon, OH
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Are you a Lebanon, OH homeowner searching for help with an existing HVAC system, like a furnace, an A/C, or heat pump? Lebanon Heating & Cooling can provide you with a FREE online estimate on the approximate cost of replacing your heating or cooling equipment. Get the ball rolling online now! If you’d like to speak to someone by phone, please give us a call (513) 540-1773. Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is standing by now, ready for your call.

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Lebanon Heating & Cooling Presents:

6 Home Heating Safety Tips

Sick of spending a small fortune to heat your home during the long Midwest winters? Below are 6 tips that you can do yourself to save money and heat your home more efficiently this winter.

Seasonal Maintenance

Don't forget to schedule seasonal maintenance for your furnace or heat pump to ensure the safety of your primary heating sources prior to the beginning of every season of usage.

Be Aware of Gas Leaks

If you smell gas in your home or emanating from your gas heater, do not light the appliance or ignite it. Leave your home immediately if you suspect gas is leaking and call your local fire department or gas company before re-entering.

Clean the Chimney & Fireplace

If you have a fireplace and chimney, you need to have them cleaned once a year. If you haven’t used it in a while, it’s possible a small animal could have built a nest in or on top of your chimney. Creosote can also build up within an uncleaned chimney and cause fires. Have a professional check your chimney before using it for the first time this winter. If you’ve already started using it, it’s not too late to have a professional come check it out.

Test Your Smoke Alarms

Don’t forget to test your smoke alarms every month and make sure you have carbon monoxide (CO) alarms installed throughout your home to avoid the risk of CO poisoning and test them monthly. Replace batteries for all alarms periodically, and as needed.

Create a Safe Space

Anything that is flammable or combustible should be kept at least 3 feet away from all heating equipment and heat sources, including furnaces, fireplaces, and portable space heaters. This space should also be a “kid-free zone.”

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat to turn the temperature lower while you sleep or work can decrease your energy consumption up to 25% without having to remember. Learn more about programmable thermostats today.

We Don’t Make Promises,
We Make Guarantees.

When it comes time for service on any residential heating or cooling system, you want it done right, affordably and stress-free. At Lebanon Heating & Cooling, we don’t make promises, we make guarantees. Our guarantee is simple: We guarantee you’ll experience high-quality service from our NATE-certified technicians and friendly customer support from start to finish.

We strive to maintain competitive pricing on all of our industry-leading, top-of-the-line HVAC products, and our expert repair, maintenance, and installation services. We offer free online estimates, online deals, and financing options to help along the way.

No matter what situation you’re facing, our team of certified technicians is equipped to handle anything that could come their way, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We Service
Top HVAC Brands, Too.

With over 45 years of experience, we’ve encountered homeowners who were concerned they might have a type of system brand or certain style that we wouldn’t recognize to work on. We’re happy to tell you that’s never been the case. It doesn’t matter what type of system you have, whether your HVAC system is extremely old, or brand new, our service technicians are trained extensively, and have a vast range of knowledge. We assure you, we can always help.

We service all brands of heating equipment, including top brands like Carrier, American Standard, Amana, Coleman, Trane, Comfortmaker, Frigidaire, Bryant, Gibson, Goodman, Heil, Maytag, Lennox, Rheem, Tempstar, York, and more.

No matter what kind of heating system you have, no matter how old or rare it is, we are the right team to call for help.

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