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What Are Common Furnace Myths?

Your Lebanon Heating & Cooling service professionals want you and your family to stay safe and warm as we finish the winter! Hopefully, your furnace has been functioning fine with no issues. However, if this is the case, you still want to stay two steps ahead and keep your furnace in the best condition possible. So how do you accomplish this? With so much HVAC information and opinions out there, it can be overwhelming to discern between what is true and what is false. Luckily, we have banded our knowledge together to bring you this list of top furnace myths:

Always Choose Repair Instead of Replacement

Sometimes choosing to repair over replacing the furnace is not always the best option. We know that you want to get the most out of your money by using your old furnace for as long as possible. But if you are paying for repair after repair for a constantly malfunctioning furnace, then you are probably dishing out more money in the end than you initially intended. The money spent on all those repairs could’ve gone toward a high-efficiency furnace. A high-efficient furnace will also save you energy and money on your utility bill.

Where you Install the Thermostat Is Not Important

Where your thermostat is placed affects the way your furnace might function. So saying placement doesn’t matter is most definitely false information! If a thermostat is installed near a fireplace when in use, the heat the fireplace emits can trigger the thermostat into thinking the home is heated more than it is. Placing a thermostat in close proximity to vents or registers also has this same effect due to air blowing onto the thermostat. Direct sunlight beaming down on a thermostat is also another factor you want to consider when choosing an appropriate place to install it.

Seasonal Maintenance Is Not Required

On the contrary, service professionals and the furnace manufacturer highly recommended seasonal maintenance. Keeping up with your seasonal tune-ups and safety checks allows your manufacturer’s warranty to remain current. In addition, when you schedule a winter tune-up and safety check with us, we make sure your furnace is running at its utmost efficiency. Finally, during your maintenance call, a safety check will be performed. Safety checks are vital because we hold you and your family’s safety as our number one priority.

Save Money on Your Heating Bill by Closing Vents

The logic behind this particular furnace sounds like it makes sense at first. But if you think about it, your furnace was designed to distribute air evenly throughout your entire house. Whether you use one room more than another doesn’t change what your furnace was created to do. Closing off specific vents and registers is counterproductive to saving money. When you close off vents, airflow builds up and places pressure and stress on the furnace. Doing this can create issues for your furnace, which you may have to pay for in repairs down the road.

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