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Do Pets Affect Your HVAC Performance?

Do Pets Affect Your HVAC Performance?

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When you have animals occupying your home, you must ensure proper care so that they can live pleasant lives. For dogs and cats alike, regulating body temperature in the heat can be challenging. They don’t sweat like us, and apart from panting, our dear fur babies rely exclusively on external techniques and their owners for cooling off. Therefore, confirming your AC is performing correctly for the summer’s muggy weather proves essential for our pets and ourselves! Likewise, your pets affect your HVAC system. Lebanon Heating & Cooling wants to offer you a few dos & don’ts for fostering a good-quality atmosphere for yourself, your pets, and your HVAC system.

What is the Importance of Placing a Barrier Around my AC Unit?

Pets or no pets, you should think about installing a barrier around your AC unit if you haven’t already. You may not even realize what stray animals are examining your system. Animals are very territorial, and if they detect a stranger’s scent emitted from your unit, there is a good chance your AC will become targeted for “territory marking.” Urine is acidic, so while your system was constructed to withstand the outdoors, it was not created to resist animal urine. The acidity of pee can directly cause corrosion which can cause structural damage, and if the pee reaches the condenser coils, a freon leak can arise. Freon is a dangerous vapor, and the price to restore this coil is not cheap! You can even erect a barrier yourself! Take note to allow “breathing room” between the fence and your system to avoid compromising the efficiency of your system.

Why is Maintaining Well-Groomed Pets Important for Your HVAC system?

Grooming your pets is essential for their health and yours! Plus, healthy and shiny coats shed less and smell much better. Dander is a well-known indoor allergen within pets’ homes. While your HVAC system can support the removal of dander from your home, its accumulation can overtake your duct system, causing blockages and inadequate indoor air quality. Being vigilant can adequately suppress those pesky pet odors and unwanted airborne allergens!

Why is AC Wiring Hazardous to Animals?

When AC wiring is uncovered and in your pets’ proximity unmonitored, this is a reason to be wary. Cords can cause quite the attraction for your dog or cat to gnaw on. If they fail to resist chewing on that wiring, your pets can procure oral burns and even an electrical shock. These sufferings are very plausible and not to be ignored. Moreover, damage to wiring can affect your air conditioner’s functioning and even generate a house fire, putting all the lives of those nearby at risk.

We genuinely hope this knowledge has been helpful to you! And, if you have any additional questions or concerns, our experts at Lebanon Heating & Cooling would be more than happy to assist you! Pet owners know their pet pals are a tremendous responsibility. Similarly, so is your HVAC system. Though, that does not suggest things need to be difficult! Let us help make your life simpler! Call today at (513) 540-1773, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!