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HVAC Myths Busted

With it being April Fool’s Day, we have taken it upon ourselves to use this day to debunk common HVAC myths. We aren’t in the business of making fools out of anyone! Let’s face it; misinformation surrounding HVAC systems can be overwhelming! As your local heating and cooling specialists at Lebanon Heating & Cooling, our goal is to clarify and guide you through this maze of myths. So, today, we are here to guide you in distinguishing fact from fiction and understanding the precise methods and best practices to ensure the longevity of your HVAC system! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it! 

One – Let’s Bust the HVAC Myth that “extremely reduced or Raised Temperatures Get the Job Done Faster” 

This common misconception confuses many individuals. Have you found yourself in a situation where you urgently need to adjust your home’s temperature, leading you to increase the thermostat setting significantly to speed up the process? Regrettably, we must clarify that this method does not accelerate the operation of your thermostat and HVAC system. This is because most HVAC systems maintain a consistent airflow regardless of the temperature setting. Whether the thermostat is set to 50 degrees or 70 degrees, the airflow rate will remain constant. Therefore, adjusting it beyond the necessary range only leads to energy wastage.  

Combat this HVAC myth by simply setting your thermostat to your preferred temperature. Then, allow your system to regulate itself at its own pace. For a more energy-efficient and convenient approach to managing your home’s temperature, consider installing a smart thermostat if you don’t already have one. When you’re away, you can simply adjust the temperature via your smartphone before returning home, eliminating the rush to cool or heat your home quickly altogether. 

Two – Let’s Bust the HVAC Myth That “The Placement of the Thermostat Doesn’t Make a Difference” 

What about the positioning of the thermostat? Is it significant? We’ve come across numerous DIY installations where thermostats were located in less optimal spots! Yet, the placement of the thermostat is INDEED crucial! The thermostat plays a vital role in communicating with the HVAC system, instructing it on when to produce, circulate, and control the air. So, placing your thermostat near a heat source, such as direct sunlight through a window, a fireplace, a heater, or in a drafty area like an exit door or window, can adversely impact its temperature readings, resulting in inaccuracies. These inaccuracies can then cause your thermostat to miscommunicate with your HVAC system, causing it to struggle and create inconsistent temperature levels within your home.   

Combat this HVAC myth by ensuring your thermostat is positioned within an interior wall, such as a hallway, and far from heat sources or drafty areas. Additionally, if you require thermostat installation and lack expertise in this field, it could be beneficial to seek guidance from a licensed HVAC technician for the task. 

Three – Let’s Bust the HVAC Myth That “HVAC Air Filters Don’t Really Need to be Changed So Frequently” 

Now, let’s address the air filter myth. For our long-term customers, this may sound familiar because we consistently emphasize the significance of regularly and promptly replacing your air filters. Following industry guidelines, it is advisable to change your HVAC air filters every 30-60 days. Despite this recommendation, some individuals overlook this, deeming frequent replacements unnecessary. But if you pause to think about it, your HVAC system works 24/7! So, it’s crucial to help prevent dust and airborne particles from entering the system and your home. Air filters play a crucial role in maintaining high indoor air quality, influencing both the system’s health and the occupants’ well-being.    

Combat this HVAC myth by adhering to the recommended air filter replacement frequency of every 1-2 months. You can also enhance your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) further by opting for premium HEPA air filters. 

Four – Let’s Bust the HVAC Myth that “Scheduling Your Seasonal Maintenance Checks Aren’t Really Important” 

We saved this myth for last because, frankly, it is one of the most common ones, but it is crucial to stay current with your preventative maintenance. While no one can actually force you into scheduling your seasonal maintenance checks, they should not be viewed as optional! Just as you wouldn’t go for years without visiting a doctor, the same level of care should be applied to your HVAC system. Both your AC unit and furnace are intricate pieces of machinery relied upon around the clock to maintain your family’s comfort. Therefore, it is prudent to have them routinely inspected by a professional to ensure optimal operation and to fine-tune their performance.  

Combat this HVAC myth by diligently adhering to your recommended regular maintenance checks. Typically, you should schedule seasonal maintenance checks for your AC unit once in the spring or early summer and once for your furnace in the fall. This practice will effectively prolong the lifespan of your system and ensure that your units are adequately prepared to tackle the upcoming season. On top of all that, maintaining regular seasonal checks ensures the validity of the warranty from your equipment manufacturer. 


Do not be misled by common HVAC myths; rely on the proficiency of your local NATE-certified technicians from Lebanon Heating & Cooling. It is crucial to note that while some HVAC myths may appear innocuous, they have the potential to lead to HVAC system damage, wasted energy, increased bills, and other costly errors that could harm your HVAC system in the long run. If you’d like to learn more about caring for your HVAC system, check out the rest of our informational blogs!

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