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 Questions to Ask a Technician During a Service Call

 Questions to Ask a Technician During a Service Call

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In Ohio, we can experience some pretty unpredictable weather and temperatures. That means routine maintenance and keeping up with your HVAC system regularly is a must for HVAC systems. In case of problems that could occur in the future, it’s essential to know even just the basics of your HVAC system. So, next time you schedule system maintenance from our experts at Lebanon Heating & Cooling, try asking these questions to help you better maintain and understand your home’s HVAC system.

Why Is There Hardly Any Airflow In My Home?

When you place your hand over your air vents and feel a stable flow of air, that typically means you are experiencing good quality airflow. If you’re experiencing stagnant or inconsistent airflow from your vents, it may be time to call your HVAC technician. There could be multiple reasons for poor airflow within your home, such as a dirty air filter. However, your HVAC technician can detect what is going on and resolve the issue with your equipment. When you talk with your HVAC technician about these issues with your equipment, they will better understand the needs you need from your home’s HVAC system—allowing them to come up with the best solution for the poor indoor air quality within your home.  

Why Is There More Dust In My Home Average?

If your HVAC system is not filtering the air in your home properly, you could be accumulating more dust. A dirty air filter could be the reason for your dust. Your HVAC technician will be able to inform you on air filter maintenance and the best filters that fit your home’s needs. There are also air filters that offer extra durability for people who may be prone to allergies in your home. 

How Can I Cut My Energy Costs during the Winter and Summer?

During the winter and summer months, energy costs tend to increase more than in the off-season months. Asking your HVAC technician about tips and tricks on how you can lower your energy costs can benefit your home and your wallet. Your HVAC technician will be able to recommend Wi-Fi thermostats that are energy efficient or detect any damage on your equipment that could be causing it to consume extra energy.

Do you still have questions you would like to ask a technician about your HVAC system? 

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