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As a homeowner, it’s important to know the age and condition of your HVAC units for performance and maintenance reasons. Why is that? Knowing the age of your air conditioner beforehand is important to prevent being blindsided if your AC is, in fact, nearing the end of its life. Properly maintained air conditioners usually last between 15 to 20 years. So, being aware of your unit’s age can help you prepare for a potential breakdown and avoid being caught off guard. 

You can determine the age of your air conditioner by using these steps provided by your Lebanon Heating & Cooling professionals: 

TRY TO Look for the Manufacture Date on the Condenser    

First of all, to pinpoint the exact age of your AC, you’ll want to find the manufacturing date. So, let’s head outside. You’ll first need to locate your outdoor unit, also known as the condenser. If you don’t know offhand exactly what this is, the condenser is the large metal box located in the backyard and sometimes on the side of a house. Once you have located your condenser, scan the sides of the unit for a nameplate that should contain all the necessary information about the unit. Once you have located the nameplate, look in the upper right corner or the general top area of the nameplate for the manufacture date. It should be labeled as MFR DATE or something similar. If you still can’t find it, move on to step number two. 

TRY TO Look for the Manufacture Date Online    

If you can’t find the manufacture date on the condenser, all is not lost. You can write down the model, brand, and serial number from the nameplate or even just take a picture of the nameplate to make it easier. Then, use your favorite online search engine to search for the manufacture date by entering these three details in the search bar and adding the phrase “manufacture date” before clicking search. You should see several websites populated that provide specific instructions for decoding the manufacture date of your particular AC model. By conducting some research and staying determined, you can find out the age of your air conditioner. Well done! 

Still, Having Issues?    

If, for some reason, you’re having a particularly difficult time finding the date, no big deal. It happens on occasion. Luckily, we can help you find out! Simply tell us during your next HVAC maintenance appointment, and one of our technicians will be happy to assist you with identifying its age. 

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