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It’s important to be prepared in the event of any HVAC system-related emergency. Here at Lebanon Heating & Cooling, we offer emergency services 24/7! Because sometimes unexpected scenarios just happen, like a surprise snowstorm causing blocked roads or power outages to a sudden furnace malfunction. So, depending on your specific situation, in the meantime, while waiting for your power to come back on or for professional assistance to arrive, don’t be caught off guard in the event of a power outage. Stay one step ahead and equip yourself with contingency plans and clever hacks. That way, you can have complete confidence knowing that even if a winter HVAC emergency arises, you’re prepared to handle it like a pro. 

Are You Prepared to HANDLE Frigid weather & HVAC Emergencies This Winter?    

Beat the winter chill by being proactive now and setting up a backup plan to keep your home warm. Doing so will help protect you from any unwelcome surprises when temperatures drop, eliminating stress in advance. 

  1. Your Outdoor Vents: To maintain optimal performance of your HVAC system, you must be sure to keep the exterior vents clear of snow or ice buildup. So, when snow falls, make it a point to inspect the external vents so no blockages can accumulate and prevent your system’s efficiency. A good tip so you don’t forget about those outdoor vents is to add vent-clearing to your shoveling routine! Using a broom or brush to gently clear off any buildup is recommended. 
  1. Your Indoor Vents: In addition, homeowners should make sure to keep the indoor vents unblocked by any furniture, rugs, or other items. This will help guarantee maximum airflow for a cozy winter home during snowy periods.  
  1. Your Gas Meter: Keeping the location of your home’s gas meter in mind is essential for any household. Wintertime can be particularly problematic since meters may become blocked by snow. So, being vigilant when removing snow and ice from walkways and your driveway is important; use this time to also inspect your gas meter too! Make sure the gas meter is not overloaded with snow or ice, and if you find any snow buildup, gently brush it off the meter. 
  1. Your Heat Pump: Winter in Ohio can be extremely chilling, so it is still important to keep an eye on your outdoor heat pump as well. Check for any ice or accumulation and brush away the buildup should you find any. Furthermore, when temperatures start to warm up, make sure there is sufficient area for water runoff; this will guard against possible damage from large puddles of melting ice. 
  1. Your Fireplace: If your home has a fireplace – great! To guarantee you’re prepared for power outages or HVAC mishaps, it’s prudent to store firewood as well as items like lighters, matches, and flame starters for quick access when needed. Nothing beats snuggling around the warmth of your fireplace! Achieve this by stockpiling firewood set aside for the sole purpose of emergencies.  
  1. Your Doors: During the winter months, it is crucial to be cautious when opening external doors. If you don’t take precautions, icy air can infiltrate your house, making it difficult, if not impossible, to keep a comfortable temperature inside. 
  1. Your Windows: During the winter season, close your window coverings and blinds to form an additional layer of insulation that will keep your home snug and warm. If temperatures decrease below freezing level, you can also use thick blankets or towels between windows as a shield from relentless cold weather conditions. This easy method is also excellent in case electricity runs out! 
  1. Your Blankets: If you need ideas on what to do with all those additional blankets you have in the house, try storing them in one designated space – like a basket, tote, or closet. By doing this, they can be tucked away and easily accessible for emergency use. In your time of need, you will be thankful they are ready to grab and use. 
  1. A Generator: If this is an option for you, having a backup generator in your home is a perfect solution to forming a foolproof plan for winter HVAC emergencies. 
  1. A Portable Heater: Portable heaters are another excellent solution to consider! In case your furnace randomly acts up, having a couple of portable heaters available to use could prove rather handy! Fortunately, you can choose from a wide range of affordable options. 

Don’t let Old Man Winter catch you off-guard; prepare yourself now to ensure a comfortable and stress-free winter! Lebanon Heating & Cooling can help with any unpleasant HVAC surprises, so don’t wait until it’s too late; call us at (513) 540-1773, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here