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What Is the History of the Modern Air Conditioner?

What Is the History of the Modern Air Conditioner?

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Without the solace of a functioning HVAC system, our days would be a battle in this muggy summer heat as we exert energy to get things done. Perhaps you have the option to work in a cool office; maybe you prefer relaxing your head upon the cool side of your pillow, or suppose you relish hosting a family function on a hot summer day in the convenience of your home. Either way, let’s take some time to acknowledge the benefits that air conditioning gives us all. Because if that cool air goes, that heat relief will dwindle fast! However, if you find yourself without a well-functioning HVAC system, you can rely on Lebanon Heating & Cooling. We can and will have one of our experienced technicians out to you as soon as possible! Air conditioning is a luxury that we can merit to some fundamental strategies of keeping cool throughout human history. So, tag along with us as we reflect upon the history of the modern air conditioner. 

Where To Begin With A/C History? 

Basic ideas of cooling our indoor environment began in ancient Egypt. For example, the Egyptians would fasten their damp laundry from the openings of their homes so that when the wind blew, the wet clothes administered a cooling effect. China also played a part in A/C history when Ding Huan refined a hand-cranked rotary fan in 180 AD. After this, the Romans assembled a sophisticated water/air supply system, aka aqueduct system, that comprised an array of passages below ground to deliver water and cool air into the houses of the rich. These brilliant innovations, which may dim in comparison to modern-day developments, are nonetheless still essential pieces of the puzzle to the greater good of the development of current A/C technology. 

How Did Society Keep Cool In the 1700s? 

Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley administered the first documented experiment of air conditioning theory in 1758, using the evaporation method to cool an object rapidly. As a result of their research, Franklin and Hadley successfully reduced the thermometer’s temperature to 7 degrees Fahrenheit with the external temperature sitting at 64 degrees Fahrenheit. “From this experiment, one may see the possibility of freezing a man to death on a warm summer’s day,” Benjamin Franklin eagerly proclaimed in his letter coming after the experimental trial. 

How Did Society Keep Cool In the 1800s? 

In 1820, Michael Faraday fulfilled a comparable test with ammonia, the first kind of volatile liquid utilized in a modern A/C unit. And in 1830, Dr. John Gorrie of Florida performed a small steam and ice machine to reduce the symptoms his patients underwent due to tropical illnesses. Dr. Gorrie’s cooling machine was patented in 1851 and appointed for hospital rooms to aid the treatment of yellow fever and other diseases. 

How Did Society Keep Cool In the 1900s? 

In 1902, Willis Carrier formulated the initial air conditioning unit comparable to present-day models when the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Co. sought to find a means to cool paper during their printing processes. It utilized cold coils to maintain a cool surface; the machine simultaneously dehumidified and cooled the air, strengthening the paper’s smooth makeup and ink’s vibrancy. This device could reduce humidity levels by up to 55%. And in 1915, Willis Carrier toiled side by side with the Buffalo Forge Company, safeguarding the production of the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America, presently known as Carrier. 

With time, air conditioning was accepted and utilized by manufacturers and industries to safeguard their products. The White House, as well as other significant executive buildings, initiated operating air conditioning in 1930. People began to recognize the significance of air conditioning and its effect on a more desirable indoor environment when central air became essential in movie theaters. Nickelodeons had a theater that gave affordable-cost entertainment to the public. They then installed cooling systems to conserve the comfort of the upper and middle-class customers during the film, directing the path for home A/C units. Air conditioners began establishment in American homes in the 1950s, with about 74,000 recorded installments. 

In examining the findings from the 2020 Energy Consumption survey, we uncover that 88% of American households operate air conditioners. Accordingly, today we may enjoy our more pleasing home atmospheres thanks to the innovators of our past. Each breakthrough and HVAC timestamp was a step closer to our existing top-notch high-efficiency A/C systems. So, if you have any troubles with your heating or cooling system, don’t delay to contact Lebanon Heating & Cooling, assuring you keep cool this hot Ohio summer. Call today at (513) 540-1773, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here