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In the summer season, our air conditioners help us to stay cool and cozy indoors despite the hot weather outside. Since it has been a few weeks into summer, your AC likely has been working hard and will continue to do so. Consequently, you might observe a rise in your energy bills. But how do you get around this? Is there an energy-efficient temperature you can program your thermostat to aid in your energy-saving endeavors? Join Lebanon Heating & Cooling to learn how to find the best energy-efficient AC setting for this summer. By doing so, you can maintain a comfortable and cool home while still managing your energy usage. 


The Suggested AC Temperature-   

It’s important to understand that a perfect energy-efficient AC temperature that universally works for everyone, everywhere, doesn’t exist. What’s comfortable for one family may not be comfortable for another. Location matters too! However, to provide a general idea of where to start, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends homeowners set their air conditioning to 78°F (26°C), which is the most optimal temperature. Even though this may seem a little high, remember what works for one person may not work for another. You can use this suggested temperature as a starting point to determine what temperature is ideal for you and your family! 

The Suggested Method to Finding Your Own Optimal AC Temperature-    

Start by setting your thermostat to 78°F as recommended. Next, wait a few hours for your AC to adjust and observe how your family responds. Then adjust your thermostat gradually by 1 or 2 degrees as needed. You may need to continue this process over the next few days until you find the perfect temperature that keeps your family cool and comfortable while still remaining at an energy-efficient rate. 

The Suggested AC Temperature to Use When You’re Away from Home-    

If you’re leaving your home during the summer for a vacation or a weekend getaway, you may be concerned about leaving the air conditioner on while no one is there. That’s most definitely a valid concern! However, turning the AC off completely is not advisable as the raised heat and humidity can be detrimental to your home and belongings, including houseplants, art, collectibles, and even small pets like fish. Instead, it’s recommended that you raise the thermostat setting by 10 degrees before you leave. This approach can help you save up to 5-15% on energy use. 

The Suggested Thermostat to Use-  

Are you thinking about getting a smart thermostat? It can be a great tool for reaching your energy-saving targets. By creating a customized temperature schedule that adapts to your daily routine, you can save energy and ensure comfort. On top of that, it’s insanely convenient for busy or frequently traveling homeowners. Still not sure? Here’s an example: Imagine you’re preparing for a fun family vacation. Amidst the busy preparations and trying to leave on time, you forget to adjust your thermostat. Now your air conditioner is running at full capacity even though nobody is home. However, you have a smart thermostat and just remembered you could use your phone to adjust the AC settings. With the thermostat settings now adjusted, you can be worry-free during your vacation. Plus, this also means you can set the temperature to a lower, more comfortable level before you get back home, allowing you to relax as soon as you enter your house. If you have a busy summer ahead and still don’t have a smart thermostat, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have! 

It can be difficult to keep your monthly energy consumption under control while also staying cool and comfortable, but it’s not impossible to achieve! Call Lebanon Heating & Cooling for all your AC concerns at (513) 540-1773, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!