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Window Units vs. Central Air Conditioning: What’s Better?  

Window Units vs. Central Air Conditioning: What’s Better?  

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If you’ve ever wondered what the distinctions are between window air conditioners and central air conditioning, or maybe you’re in a predicament because you have to replace or install a new unit, this is the blog for you! Knowledge is powerful, especially if you have found yourself in a place where you need to make the best decision possible. But in order for you to make the best decision for you and your home, it is imperative you familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons of window units versus central air conditioning. So, join Lebanon Heating & Cooling as we dive into each detail! 

Are You the Owner of the Home?

The first thing we want to address is that you must own your home in order to install a new central AC unit or even replace an old one. So, please keep in mind that you need to be the owner of the house in order to do so. Furthermore, if you’re renting, you will need permission from the landlord. Plus, you’ll likely be responsible for all associated costs with it. Finally, moving central air conditioners is not advised. So, if you were to relocate and move out, you would most likely be unable to take it with you. Due to this, we recommend considering window air conditioners in the meantime if you are currently renting. 

Does Your Home Contain Vents & Ductwork?

The following point is also vital before considering a central air conditioning system. Take note, if you’re currently endeavoring to replace an old central AC unit, that indicates your home already has vents and ductwork. So, this point may not even apply to you. However, if you have been mulling over the idea of having one installed, but your home doesn’t already have central air conditioning, it’s probable that it doesn’t already contain the required vents and ductwork. So, keep that in mind if adding central air to your home is something you are leaning toward. The silver lining is that having this done will most definitely raise your house’s resale value, although adding in the additional job of vent and ductwork installation will cut into your budget further.  

Have You Thought about All the Costs That Are Involved?

Although we believe that central air conditioning is a great investment, the initial cost tends to steer homeowners in the opposite direction. Window units are known for being more affordable and, as a plus, they are easier to install, which makes them a quick choice for many. But before making your final decision, bear in mind that there are more costs involved than just the upfront costs. For example, if you need multiple rooms cooled, the monthly maintenance cost can exceed what it would cost to cool your entire home with a central air conditioner. Therefore, you should take into account not just the upfront expenses but the monthly expenses as well. 

What Is the Size & Layout of Your Home?

The size and layout of your house are also important factors in deciding which type of cooling system you should go with. It really all depends on your cooling needs, as window units only cool the room they are placed in. This could be considered an advantage for some and a disadvantage for others.  

Why Should Air Circulation Be Considered?

Though window air conditioners provide cooling relief, they don’t exactly promote good air circulation. This causes uneven temperatures in the room, which are notoriously known as “hot spots.” On the other hand, with central air conditioning, the vents and ductwork evenly distribute and circulate the air in the home, so “hot spots” are not a problem. 

Why Should You Factor In Temperature Regulation?

In addition, we believe temperature regulation is essential. Season and region are factors that might affect the temperature and air quality in your house. Take humidity, for example. Depending on where you live, humidity may be an issue. So, keep that in mind when choosing your cooling unit. Window air conditioners cannot control humidity well, but central air conditioning systems can.  

What Should You Know about the Installation Process?

Last but not least, let’s talk about the installation process. Window units have an easy installation process that makes it quite simple! Usually, the manufacturer’s instructions are included in the box, which makes this installation process much smoother and easier. And if you have any questions, you should be able to contact the manufacturer. Furthermore, some models of window ACs can be installed on walls. So, if you have an odd-shaped room or don’t want your windows blocked, this is a fantastic option!  

With central air conditioning, installation may take a few hours and must be handled by a licensed professional. But the good news is that at Lebanon Heating & Cooling, we handle all the work for your So, you can simply sit back, relax, and let us handle everything! 

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