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7 Ways to make my AC more effective

7 Ways to make my AC more effective

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Residential air conditioning systems are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment a homeowner owns. Because of this, homeowners want it running as efficiently as possible. To help your A/C run as effectively as possible, below are seven helpful suggestions from our helpful technicians at Lebanon Heating & Cooling:

Replacing Air filters

Our air filters play a vital role in the proper performance of our home cooling systems. Not only do air filters help keep the air in our home clean from dust, allergens and debris, they also protect our equipment inside the A/C unit as well. On average, air filters must be checked around once a month during the summer. They should be replaced as often as necessary to keep the A/C unit running the most efficiently. 

Clean Condenser Coils

Although they are located outside the home, A/C condenser coils can impact the way the inside of a home feels. They also affect the unit’s longevity and efficiency. A condenser coil’s primary function is to take the unwanted warmth from the inside of the house and release it to the air outside. If the coils are dirty or have a blockage, the heat can get trapped and have a difficult time escaping, which can cause negative consequences to your AC unit and your home. Keep your A/C system running as effectively as possible by scheduling professional cleanings and routine maintenance every year as suggested. This will also keep your warranty active.

Properly Sealing Ductwork

Ductwork plays an essential role in the function of any HVAC system. For air conditioning systems, they are essential in the transfer of cool air throughout the home. Therefore, leaks in ductwork can make for a hot summer. If leakage is present in the ductwork throughout your home, conditioned air escapes causing the household to feel uncomfortable forcing your A/C unit to work overtime. Make sure to schedule routine maintenance and keep furniture and objects away from vents in the household to ensure the most effective amount of air flow.

Sealed Windows and Doors

Dealing with air leaks or drafts in older homes can be difficult on an air conditioning system. Although the beauty of older styled windows and doors can be nice to look at, they could also be costing you if they’re not sealed properly and cool air is escaping outside, allowing warmer temperatures to make their way into the household. Caulking or replacing windows and doors inside your home will help your AC unit keep cool temperatures inside and use less energy to help keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. 

Adequate Insulation

Summer heat can leave your home cooling system working extra hard to keep your house cool during the summer if your insulation isn’t up to par. If insulation is an issue, having it checked or improved upon could help provide an easier workflow for your A/C equipment. Proper insulation in your attic and walls is important because it provides a barrier of protection which keeps the AC unit’s cool air from escaping outside. Ensuring proper insulation in your home could leave your AC unit running more efficiently and leaving your house feeling a lot more comfortable.

Preventative Maintenance

Without regular maintenance, an A/C unit will decline over time in performance and efficiency, making repairs inevitable. As such, having your unit cleaned and taken care of professionally as recommended will help protect this valuable equipment. Preventative maintenance will help overall with the energy efficiency and longevity of your unit. It’ll ensure your equipment warrant remains valid and help in a variety of ways, least of all being optimal comfort.

Upgrading Your AC Unit

While investing in a new residential air conditioning system might be costly up front, you will be saving in the long run with greater energy efficiency and money for the years to come. Outdated, ineffective AC units can cause your home to feel uncomfortable even though your equipment is working at full capacity. Newer equipment can ensure a more comfortable home and energy efficiency.

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