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Don’t forget your HVAC system this Christmas!

Don’t forget your HVAC system this Christmas!

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As we wish everyone a Merry Christmas, this holiday season, we would like to take this time to remind our readers that it’s not uncommon for people to overlook their HVAC systems around this time of year. Knowing this, in order to help everyone give their HVAC systems the care they require, we at Lebanon Heating & Cooling put together the following list of some of the best gifts a homeowner can give their home heating equipment this Christmas:

The Three “C’s” of Air Filters: Check, Change, Clean

Neglected air filters can cause all sorts of problems that encompass everything from airflow blockage and system glitches, to air quality problems and major system failure. Because of this., keeping them changed frequently will not only guarantee better indoor air quality, however, it will also lighten the burden being put on your HVAC equipment as well. This will result in lower energy consumption and a lot less wear and tear, which means longer and less costly service life of your comfort systems.

Get a Modern Thermostat

If your home still has that old hockey puck-looking dial of a thermostat on the wall, you should consider giving yourself, your HVAC system and your home the gift of peace of mind, energy savings and convenience by investing in a smart thermostat this holiday season! Smart Thermostats cost very little and they’re quick and easy to install. Moreover, these awesome gadgets enable you to optimize your system’s comfort capacity, resulting in significant energy savings. Additionally, newer thermostats come with a ton of cool features, including system diagnostics, air filter replacement notifications, air quality monitoring features, Wi-Fi compatibility, Smart Home-friendly access and smartphone accessibility so a homeowner can adjust their settings on the fly — anywhere, anytime.

Keep Outside Unit Clean

This time of year is always a good time to clean and remove unwanted dirt and other items on and inside your HVAC’s system’s outdoor unit. Because impurities and debris tend to gather and hinder a system’s performance, causing all kinds of expensive problems, doing so is essential. This includes removing and cleaning off dirt, mud, leaves, trash, foliage, and other debris from condensers. 

Check Attic & Basement Insulation 

Proper levels of insulation enables your HVAC systems to function efficiently and decreases the amount of work they have to do by preventing treated air from escaping. If you haven’t done so yet this season or in recent seasons, consulting with a professional to inspect your attic and basement’s insulation levels is a good idea. They can assess whether there’s a need to increase insulation or replace it.

Air Duct Assessment 

Most of us know dirt and other pollutants tend to accumulate inside our air ducts as they age. As such, we hope this serves as a reminder to at some point check their ductwork and possibly have it cleaned to prevent anything from forcing the system to have to work harder than it needs to. When airflow through the air ducts becomes an issue, it also negatively impacts the quality of air circulating in the residence. This can manifest as unwanted odors and even lead to respiratory problems. We also offer air duct cleaning with limited availability. Call the number below for more information.

Preventative Maintenance is Essential

You’ve probably heard us say this before: There’s simply no substitute for preventative maintenance when it comes to something as precise, expensive and intricate as an HVAC system. As such, having one of our certified technicians come out to check your system and ensure it is working properly as part of a maintenance appointment allows our techs to troubleshoot for problems that helps you avoid repairs and wear-and-tear.

‘Tis the Season to Call Us!

‘Tis the season of giving, so give your HVAC system the gift that keeps giving back — giving you heat, comfort, peace of mind and lower utility bills all winter long. Call Lebanon Heating & Cooling today at (513) 540-1773, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!

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