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Pet Owners: How to Keep Pets and Keep Healthy Air Quality

Pet Owners: How to Keep Pets and Keep Healthy Air Quality

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With spring on the way and the dangers of COVID-19 still present, it’s more important than ever to maintain your home’s healthy air quality. Additionally, if you have allergies, then it’s even harder to tell the difference between hayfever, a cold, and COVID-19 symptoms. Did you know that your pets can be a good tool when it comes to telling the difference between pollen symptoms and virus symptoms? We at Lebanon Heating & Cooling want to share our secrets with you, as well as a few spring cleaning tips that you can use this spring! 

Secret Number 1 

According to research done by ASPCA and an article by Rosemary Jean-Louis, “Unlike humans, dogs and cats won’t sneeze or cough excessively when they are allergic to pollen. They lick, bite and scratch themselves a lot. That’s because pollen falls on their fur, ears and the pads on their paws. The pollen is then absorbed into the skin through those areas. Allergic dogs and cats try to soothe themselves by licking, chewing and scratching those affected areas. Too much of this can lead to hair loss, scabbing and ear infections.” In conclusion, pets will show symptoms of allergies, which can help you to differentiate between your own symptoms. If both you and your pets are showing symptoms of dealing with allergies, then it’s time to address your home’s air quality! 

Secret Number 2

The solution to bad air quality is quite simple: clean. While it can be a hard habit to get into, cleaning your home at least once a month is a rewarding task that shows huge results! We suggest that you dust surfaces first, bathe and groom your animals next (if you do so from your home), dust a second time to catch any additional particles that escaped when cleaning your pet, and finally vacuum last. This order will ensure optimal cleanliness, and will leave no dust to circulate throughout your home. 

Want Some More Tips?

If you’re looking for more tips on keeping your home’s air quality clean this season, then you can call Lebanon Heating & Cooling today at (513) 540-1773, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!