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Show your HVAC system love this Valentine’s Day

Show your HVAC system love this Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day approaching this weekend, countless Americans are finding ways to show their special ones just how much they mean to them. 

Nevertheless, being in the home heating and cooling business, we at Lebanon Heating & Cooling would like to take this time to remind homeowners to show their HVAC systems a little love, as the winter weather rages outside and we push through these especially cold times. 

Now we realized, these systems are just machines. There’s no need to purchase them chocolates or a card obviously.

Nevertheless, we’ve put together the following list of three things a homeowner can do to show their HVAC systems some love for Valentine’s Day, so they can show that love right back with comfort and money savings.

  1. Replace Air Filters 

Did you know that you should be checking your furnace filter every month during the winter? If it has been more than a month since you’ve done so, now would be a great time to check it and possibly even change it. This is something that only takes a minute, but can save you a small fortune. Moreover, an upgrade is a gift of love that it’ll return with better indoor air quality! 

  1. When’s the last time you had a tune-up?

If you haven’t done so recently, we suggest giving your HVAC equipment a tune-up. These systems work hard for us, especially during these colder months, which means certain parts are susceptible to wear and tear and malfunction. In any case, we offer a variety of maintenance plans and our NATE-certified technicians check a host of areas inside and out to ensure that your equipment is operating like it should be. 

  1. Upgrade your system with one of our great offers!

We have a slew of options now, with special offers, when it comes to choosing an upgrade for your HVAC equipment. Whether you’d like to have a smart thermostat installed, get a whole-home humidifier, or look into our iWave-R or UV Lights to purify your air, we can help you treat your system to some love so it’ll give that love right back in air quality and comfort. 

Give us a call!

In any case, we can assure that calling us is the best gift of love you can give your HVAC system this Valentine’s Day. 

If you aren’t certain exactly where to begin, or if you’d like to schedule a maintenance visit, or if you have any sort of questions, call Lebanon Heating & Cooling today at (513) 540-1773, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!