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Why Does My Furnace Keep Blowing Fuses?

Why Does My Furnace Keep Blowing Fuses?

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Have you noticed that your furnace is repeatedly blowing fuses lately? 

Below our team at Lebanon Heating & Cooling put together a few common reasons why your furnace might be blowing fuses.

Your Thermostat Is Malfunctioning 

Since the wiring within your thermostat is an essential component to the functioning of your furnace system, it’s a good first step to check your thermostat for wire damage. First, if your thermostat is encased in a metal frame, then this may be the problem. If any wires have made contact with the metal, it could easily have blown a fuse. On the other hand, if you notice that your thermostat isn’t secure on your wall or that wires are peeking out of the casing, this could also be the problem. Because they deal with electrical parts, you should call a maintenance company to handle any of these problems.

Your Furnace Is Leaking Water 

It’s a rule of nature that water and electricity are never a good mix. That’s why if you notice water leakage around your furnace unit, then you should address it immediately. While they are usually an easy fix if addressed immediately, unresolved water leaks can cause a multitude of problems in the future. Water leaks are also an especially common reason for blown fuses. 

Dust Buildup In FIlters and Vents

It’s important that you maintain clean and safe furnace filters in your system. Leaving your filter neglected can result in dust build up within your unit, which can lead to a clogged blower motor, or even furnace fires. This is because blowing a fuse due to dust build up is a serious fire hazard. That’s why you should keep your filters, ducts, and vents clean. You can do this by replacing your furnace filter at least once every 3 months, and by vacuuming out your vents at least once every 6 months. 

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